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A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog! 


Michael Paul’s Dog Training is family owned and operated. We specialize in customizing training programs to fit your family’s wants and needs. We offer both in-home instruction and a two-week residency stay in our home. Love and affection are the two key ingredients in our praise method of training. We make training fun, positive, and rewarding.

Obedience Training in Westampton, NJ

At Michael Paul’s, love and affection are the two key ingredients in our praise-method of training. We make the experience fun, positive, and rewarding. Our personalized programs carry your dog beyond the stages of just being house broken. It adds to your dog’s enjoyment of life. We will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to understand your dog as a unique individual, communicate effectively, and ensure a happy, healthy bond that will last a lifetime. Our approach to training gives your dog a purpose as well as a means to create a greater happiness within your family. You will learn to establish guidelines and boundaries for your dog that will make the experience of raising your dog happy and rewarding.

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